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I was born and raised in Owen Sound and have met some great people here.  My staff are dedicated and have been with my firm for over 12 years.  

Tax law is an ever changing beast that has changed with every new government and every new federal and provincial budget that gets passed.  It is a true commitment to stay educated on these changes and be able to find the most optimum situation for clients.  

Our goal is always to maximize the money in your pocket for your own decision making.

25th Anniversary of the OSMRHL.  Proud to say that I am a founding member and part of the executive.

25th Anniversary of the OSMRHL.  Proud to say that I am a founding member and part of the executive.

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Personal Tax Return preparation

We're here to bring complex scenarios into regular terms.

We have more than 30 years of experience giving clients the best tax advice.  Some of the most major changes occurred in this past year.

The Bridge is out.

Use the South entrance to enter the parking lot and the North laneway to Exit.

With the 10th Street bridge coming out.  Traffic will be backed up for the next 15 months.  When leaving the parking lot, head North and then go up to 3rd Ave West to make help the congestion.

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